David Florence at Wadi Adventure. It looks *amazing*.

It’s a shame I have zero desire to go to the UAE…

If you like videos of people being silly and getting very wet in the process, this is for you - a video of a freestyle rafting and kayaking. Skip to the last 10 seconds for a man kayaking the big Rabioux rapid WITH NO PADDLE (on the Durance, French Alps) carrying a flare. Mon dieu, that man has moves.

Two photos looking at towards yours truly and friends as the Tour de France comes through Cambridge and past King’s College. Photos are from

So happy to have rediscovered this.
You have no power over me!

So happy to have rediscovered this.

You have no power over me!

when the tour de france passes through cambridge



Although over very quickly - and ITV showed ads instead of showing the riders going past King’s :(

Baby bunnies at the Cambridge athletics ground, on the edge of the West Cambridge site. In addition to some 15 rabbits, there was also a deer (we think a sika deer) just a few metres away from us when we took these photos, hiding in the trees!

The amazing Jason Burnett successfully completing a quadrifus pike in a competition routine (a quadruple front somersault with a front somersault, pike shape) - a world first! This man is crazy and I hope he keeps pushing the difficulty and awesome-ness of trampolining onwards for years to come.

A photo-dump of the most recent weekend at Lee Valley! The Captain’s brother is improving all the time - his penultimate run this week was a mythical ‘clean run’, with no swims. Teaching him to roll is going to take a little longer!

Summer time makes many an occasional kayaker keen to get involved on white water. The Captain’s brother had his first taste of white water (almost his first taste of ANY kayaking) in the Alps three years ago, then we took him on the Dart in May, and finally to his Lee Valley Legacy assessment! He’s learning fast, but it means the Captain and I are back in daddy and mummy duck mode! Chasing beginners down the course, coaching them and waiting for them in eddies definitely makes for a more relaxing couple of hours on the course than trying your best to catch every eddy and surf every wave on each run down.

I have more friends to teach the basics to this week - T rescues and ferry glides are first on the agenda, on the gently moving water of the Cambridge Mill Pond sluice gate.